APPA Administrative Guidelines for Technical Advisory Groups (TAGs)

The Technical advisory Groups (TAGs) are Expert groups of APPA working on important child health issues. Guidelines to Technical Advisory Groups (TAG's) help to provide the proper frame of work, to pursue their objectives, to interact with other TAG groups within the organization and to inform and follow directives of the APPA Leadership

The TAG's were established to enable leaders of national pediatric associations in APPA region who are interested in the specific areas of interestto meet for the purpose of discussing and developing ideas, programs and projects which will improve the care of every child.

The principal office of the TAG shall be the President's Office of the APPA . An Office staff shall be available to assist the TAG with communication, implementation of the TAG proposals, objectives and programs.


The objectives of the TAG shall be to improve the health care of every child by advocacy, educational support and research relating to the TAG's Area of Expertise. TAG's will play a major role in communicating pediatric issues through APPA channels while working with the member societies of the APPA . TAG shall also serve in a consulting capacity to the Executive Committee and Advisory board of the APPA and shall make recommendations for programs, policy statements, and other actions on matters relating to the TAG's area of expertise.

TAG Leadership/membership

The dutiesof the members of the TAG Leadership shall include the following:
A. To participate in regular TAG Leadership conference calls.
B. To assist in such other capacities as the TAG Chairperson may indicate, including but not limited to performing writing and editorial assignments for drafts of statements manuals, or literature reviews, and participating in group or workshop meetings.
C. To work cooperatively with other APPA TAGs to accomplish mutual goals and the purposes of the APPA .
D. TAG Chairperson duties. The duties of the TAG Chairperson shall include the following:

  • (1) to preside at the business portion of the Tri Annual TAG Meeting and at all meetings of the TAG Leadership
  • (2) to submit an annual report in writing of the activities of the TAG to the APPA Executive Committee by April 30th of each calendar year
  • (3) to perform such other functions and accept such other responsibilities as may be determined by the IPA Standing Committee from time to time.
  • (4) to lead quarterly conference calls with TAG members and participate in an annual TAG leadership conference call.
  • (5) to partner with the APPA Secretariat to identify possible funding sources. Possible funding partners information should be forwarded to the Executive Secretary for internal follow up with the development team.
  • (6) to provide annual project reports or on request for funding partners as requested.


TAG Leadership Meeting. The tri-annual meeting of the TAG shall be during the APPA Congress. The TAG Chairperson may call a special meeting of the TAG to be held in person or by telephone conference at any time by written notice sent to each member of the TAG Leadership depending on resources !!